The People’s Coin

“For the People, By the People”

The People’s Coin is a community-driven project built from within that same community; championing charitable giving initiatives by utilizing decentralized blockchain technology to bridge the gap between ALL charitable organizations, foundations, and fundraising campaigns with their audience of donors via a universal cryptocurrency, the $PEEPS token!

The People’s Coin – As Seen on Fox Business News – August 24th, 2021

A True DeFi Project

As every true DeFi project needs to have instituted, The People’s Coin is proud to promote a democratic approach that is simple, yet effective to decide the appropriate path for the project: voting polls. Due to the nature of our public ledger, hosted securely on the Ethereum Blockchain, every important community topic/issue/initiative that needs a decision can be voted upon via our PEEPS Polls. These polls will range from deciding which Charitable organization will receive that period’s donations from the community, to the actual amount donated, to which charities are officially nominated to be in contention. Furthermore, these polls will also include a wide variety of other choices to be decided upon by our community such as: Winners amongst the community in various competitions, allocation of resources, CEX listings, new initiatives, etc. As our mission statement reflects, we know that our voice is much louder when we’re united vs individually, which is why it’s imperative to ensure ALL of our Peeps have a say in the direction of this project and the massive positive impact that’s possible!

The New Standard in DeFi is Here

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