#FridayFacepalms : July 2, 2021

We’re incredibly lucky that our internal team behind the scenes includes some of the smartest, most talented people around (I’m not just saying that because I’m on the team, I promise someone else agrees with me).

However, regardless of our credentials, experience, or record-breaking ‘Words With Friends’ scores…we still have learning moments. Some more embarrassing than others.   

As a pretty tight-knit crew, we like to poke fun at each other when the opportunity arises.  

Being that transparency is a value at our core, we realized that keeping these moments to ourselves just simply wasn’t fair. Or even worse, just wasn’t right

And thus, the concept of #FacepalmFridays was born. 

Given the inclusive nature of our community, we realized that everyone has moments at one time or another that warrant a palm to the forehead. They just might not get spotlighted to thousands of people like we’re about to do…(sorry Jimmy from Accounting). 

So please join us in this fun way to end the week while also keeping us all grounded.

I never did good on my English tests.

Shout out to Michael McDonald for politely breaking it to us that we used the wrong word in our first edition of The Peeps Report.

While we wish we got it right the first time, and know this will inevitably be the first of many spelling/grammar mistakes that squeak by, we genuinely appreciate that the post came from a nice place as opposed to a snide/rude one. And yes, we had our intern fix it.

…Who are we kidding, we don’t have interns. The founder of the coin actually hopped in and fixed it haha (double facepalm).

You miss 100% of the puns you don’t make.

As a pun-master in training, and because it goes with our brand voice, I’ve been very excited about the endless pun possibilities that come with the word “Peep”. 

It’s gotten to the point where we have a backlog of ideas I’m anxiously waiting to deploy. 

This is why it was appalling when PC Jr. missed the opportunity in the post below to leverage “sneak peep”, a personal favorite and obvious knee-slapper for the community. 

While posting this doesn’t take away the sting of a lost pun opportunity, it does add an interesting layer to this whole “baby peeps” rumor…

I swear I’m legal.

One of our guys needed a break from mentally-straining work, so we tasked him with setting up the Twitter account for The People’s Coin, assuming that would be pretty straightforward. 

When asked for @ThePeoples_Coin’s birthday, he naturally put the date the coin was launched. 

That’s when the “Twitter Police” intervened…

Our account was almost instantly flagged and locked-down, and we had to start the semi-hilarious process of proving that we were indeed at least 13 years of age. 

Have no fear, our Twitter account is back up and running, and we didn’t even need to dig up our fake IDs from college to make it happen. (Totally kidding, mom. It’s supposed to be funny…)

Jump in on #FacepalmFridays!

We’re hoping that by publicly sharing and laughing at our hopefully not-too-alarming hiccups, we can make honest oversights a little less taboo. 

That being said, we’d love to hear from others in the community about some laughable blunders that have been made throughout the week. 

Feel free to chime in, as we encourage some fun and supportive community discussions!

Author: The Peoples Coin
The People’s Coin is a community-built project that provides a Real-World Solution to bridge the current gap between Charitable Giving initiatives and Blockchain Technology. PEEPS provides a simple, yet seamless, universal digital payment option for ALL entities within the Charitable Giving & Fundraising space. PEEPS mission is to work and partner with any entity within that space, regardless of age, size or status of the operation, to become the go-to crypto version of ‘GoFundME’ and ‘Kickstarter’. By replacing the antiquated payment methods that are not only inefficient, but costly, PEEPS finally presents a win-win scenario for everyone involved!

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