"For the People, By the People"

The People’s Coin is at the forefront of connecting Charitable Giving & Fundraising initiatives with Blockchain Technology, creating a new era of digital payments via cryptocurrency; featuring two distinctly unique & valuable tokens –  PEEPS & PeepsPay.
  • Invest in Positive Change
  • Earn Revenue & Rewards
  • 100% Fair for All

PeepsPay Launches in:

Time is up, sorry!

MASSIVE pre-launch advantage: Stake your PEEPS prior to launch to receive a

non-taxed airdrop of 10% equivalent in PeepsPay w/ first block pricing!!

*Must stake at least 25 Billion PEEPS to qualify
Earned from Airdrop
10% equivalent in PeepsPay
Pre-Launch Advantage
Total PEEPS Staked
What is the People's Coin?

The People’s Coin is a community-built project that provides a Real-World Solution to bridge the current gap between Charitable Giving initiatives and Blockchain Technology. PEEPS is a simple, yet seamless, universal payment option for ALL entities within the Charitable Giving & Fundraising space.

We’ve made major strides in bringing awareness to the masses in each of these respective spaces listed in 2021, having received national news attention for our efforts on several occasions, with additional high-profile appearances scheduled in 2022!

PS. Take a moment to ‘peep’ a couple of our LIVE National News broadcasts below! 1) Fox Business News, feature interview w/ the acclaimed Stu Varney & 2) Channel 11 News!

How is PEEPS revolutionizing the space?

PEEPS Expansion 2022: Platform | Ecosystem

The start of 2022 couldn’t have been more exciting for the prospects of the project as a whole, as we’ve been able to focus all of those incredible experiences and positive attention towards creating the perfect launchpad for The People’s Coin to release several integral features in 2022! These numerous features will showcase the amazing utility and robust functionality that the entire PEEPS ecosystem will provide moving forward in this space, including the HIGHLY anticipated Staking capabilities  for PEEPS, made possible from PeepsPay! 

PeepsPay: Unleashing ALL Capabilities!

Furthermore, the launch of the 2nd token, PeepsPay, within The People’s Coin ecosystem will provide tremendous capabilities to the project by working in tandem with PEEPS; providing the scalability necessary to move towards mass adoption!  This will allow PEEPS to act as the Governance & Access token that’ll store value within the ecosystem, effectively giving PeepsPay the ability to transact faster, more profitable donations & contributions than any of the current antiquated methods; cash, check, and credit card.

Charitable Giving Initiatives

At our core, we’re passionate for promoting ALL types of donations and charitable giving initiatives. Our PEEPS Polls are a testament to that, as they’ve truly yielded some amazing stories while also continually providing a proud source of camaraderie within the community! 

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Fundraisers Charities & Donations



Entities Available in Directory

View our catalogue of all available Fundraisers below:

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View our catalogue of all available Charities below:

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View our catalogue of all available Donations  below:

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$PEEPS Tokenomics

$PEEPS Max Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quadrillion) This is a capped supply to ensure there will never be dilution.
Total Supply: ~518,000,000,000,000 (518 Trillion) The amount of coins that have been already created, minus any coins that have been burned.
Circulating Supply: ~461,000,000,000,000 (461 Trillion) The amount of coins that are circulating in the market and are in public hands.
$PEEPS Burned Nearly 50% of the token was burned by the Team providing further value from the start.
Holder Rewards Every buy, sell, transfer triggers a 4% tax that is split into 2% re-distributed (proportionally) back to EVERY one of our ‘Peeps’ holding the token in their wallet, plus an additional 2% burned to ensure the deflationary aspect of the token.
Team Wallets: Transparency is at the core of this entire project, which is why the two Team Wallets have been registered on the ENS domain to provide the public easy visibility of any activity from either wallet: thepeopleswallet.eth & peepsdevelopmentwallet.eth
Where to get $PEEPS $PEEPS are currently available on this site via “The People’s Swap” or the following DEX’s: Uniswap.org, 1inch.io, MintySwap.com and on the following CEX: Coinsbit.io (non-US residents only).
PEEPS current burn total
Round Trip Tax
Total per tx
To Burn Wallet
PEEPS rewards

$PEEPS Allocation

  • 48.9% PEEPS Burned

    Nearly half of the supply of PEEPS is burned with 2% additional happening on every transaction

  • 27% Held by our Peeps

    The remaining % of Peeps holders holds more than half of the available supply, creating a rock-solid foundation for organic growth

  • 15% within top 100 wallets

    The holder list is extremely balanced, which was a huge focus for this project; a fairly distributed token provides stability for sustained growth

  • 14.6% of total supply

    Only 14.6% of the total supply is available in the liquidity pool for purchase

  • 6% Team Wallets

    3% allocation for both Team Wallets; publicly registered on ENS as thepeopleswallet.eth & peepsdevelopmentwallet.eth

Updated Roadmap 2-7-22

PEEPS in the Media

Bio: Russ Davis, Founder

In 2014 Russ Davis started his journey into Crypto, he immediately saw that something needed to be done for the retail investors. Most retail investors gamble and lack the educational foundation in order to be successful. There were 13 Cryptocurrencies back then, with nine of them being launched just a year before. The idea was simple, why cant I be a consultant for crypto like Edward Jones manages IRAs?

The idea sat with him for years while he worked to understand various aspects of development, from utility and use case to marketing and influence of social media. This research led him to create In Russ We Trust, his crypto-consultancy focused on projections of smaller market erc-20 tokens with the most potential.

Russ has aided the success of The People’s Coin garnering them National attention and prestige. He is a major driving force for the future success of this ecosystem that is helping Charitable Organizations and Fundraisers get into the world of Crypto.

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