The Peeps Report: Inaugural Edition

Dear Valued Peeps,

We couldn’t be happier to have finally realized the culmination of months and months of hard work strategizing, developing, and perfecting the contract code/tokenomics to create The People’s Coin.

This is a project much, much bigger than just the token. We can’t wait to start sharing and unveiling many of our initiatives, including improved website/social media presence, marketing campaigns, official Roadmap, and eventual White Paper. 

Additionally, as our mission statement reflects, we expect and hope to receive a large contribution of content, support, and direction of the coin’s functionality from the consensus of our community, you…The People.

To quickly address a perceived issue that’s arisen from within our community.

We know a high level of transparency is essential, which is why we’ve done our best to answer all questions, concerns, comments, messages, emails, and more, quickly and honestly.

But we’re not perfect. 

We wouldn’t have named this “The People’s Coin” if we didn’t truly want to build the strongest, most supportive, life-changing community possible.  But we need you to bear with and work WITH us to tackle all angles of communication, or ask that you assume good intent at the very least. 

We had three marketers on our development team that we, unfortunately, realized didn’t align with our values and direction for the project, in relation to their compensation. 

Prior to finalizing the decision that each member of the Development Team was limited to .4%, (to ensure there weren’t any whale wallets from the start) and if they wanted more than that, they would have to purchase more after launch like everyone else, it became apparent that we had no choice but to part ways and look in a different direction for marketing. 

Unfortunately, it was the most inopportune time to come to this conclusion since we were near our projected launch date and, all of a sudden, needed to essentially overhaul the majority of our marketing as well. ::facepalm::

To compound this situation, we had to uphold our end of the contract to still provide that .4% compensation to each of them, which we deplored them to HODL like the rest of us on the Team, but sadly they didn’t comply. Obviously, we were utterly disgusted but had no choice since we were bound by contract. Again, we’re not perfect (even if our moms tell us we are). This has been quite a learning experience. 

One huge silver lining was our introduction to the InRussWeTrust Group and Russ himself.

InRussWeTrust Facebook Group

We were impressed with how direct he was with his strategies and connections. However, we were not planning on him negotiating so aggressively with us, lobbying us to allow his subscribers to be a part of our Pre-sale which had already taken place. 

After careful consideration, we realized that if we could pull off accommodating his request we could have him as an asset on our Team. Therefore, we added an additional round to accommodate; for which we are thankful we did because he’s clearly good at what he does, with many more big plans in the works for all of us Peeps!

The beginning results from this partnership speak for themselves, with possibly the most successful pre-sale and subsequent launch in alt-coin history, with nearly 850 ETH contributed within the 36-hour pre-sale period. This allowed the project to do what 99% of other projects fail to do, build a Fort-Knox-strong liquidity pool to protect both the integrity of our token value and The People of our community.

It’s also important for everyone to take a moment to realize the fact that: Every single person that participated in the pre-sale immediately enjoyed a 2x gain as soon as the coin launched and experienced a minimum of 5x gain within 2 hours of launch. 

Currently, as this is posted, every single pre-sale participant is STILL up at least 3x.

PEEPS Coin Growth Dextools
PEEPS Coin Growth Dextools

Additionally, no pre-sale participant had to go through the stressful and expensive process to attain their coins after launch; i.e. constantly refreshing your computer/phone screen to luckily catch the exact moment of launch without any true knowledge of when it would be, needing to set your slippage to an unreasonable amount (~25%) due to Uniswap’s settings when there is high volume, and most importantly: not needing to pay upwards of $300 in GAS fees to complete the swap during the first moments of launch due to the high volume of swaps taking place to obtain the coin; as the PEEPS Team absorbed ALL of those GAS fees to cover our community from the start.

So once again, for anyone who was able to participate in this monumental launch, joined after the launch, or to anyone who will join in the future, we are very excited to have you in our community! 

We ask each of you to please share and spread the positivity. Not just amongst our strong core foundation, but to many other individuals that would love to be a part of something inclusive where their voice can be heard too! 

Thanks, Peeps!


Team of The People’s Coin

The People's Coin Logo

Author: The Peoples Coin
The People’s Coin is a community-built project that provides a Real-World Solution to bridge the current gap between Charitable Giving initiatives and Blockchain Technology. PEEPS provides a simple, yet seamless, universal digital payment option for ALL entities within the Charitable Giving & Fundraising space. PEEPS mission is to work and partner with any entity within that space, regardless of age, size or status of the operation, to become the go-to crypto version of ‘GoFundME’ and ‘Kickstarter’. By replacing the antiquated payment methods that are not only inefficient, but costly, PEEPS finally presents a win-win scenario for everyone involved!


  • Matt H

    Thank you for setting this up I’m in it for the long hual…… HODL

  • Kevin Glynn

    Just finding PEEPS! Very exciting. Also here to HODL. By the way, is there a limit on PEEPS in circulation right now? Having difficulty finding my info.

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